Windows BKF Restore Tool – In Case Backup File Is Unusable

Sometimes, when you either make an attempt to add some data to or try restoring some data from an MS Windows 2000 version Operating System backup file (.bkf), you receive the error message saying ––

After receiving such an error, the only option left with you is to click the OK button given in that dialog box.

Possible Cause of the Error

Your backup data file, the BKF file, might be corrupted or damaged, or it might not be a proper valid backup file format for MS Windows 2000 version. When the Windows 2000 attempts to open a particular backup BKF file, it first of all checks that file to ensure that it is a proper valid backup file. If however in that case, the file comes out to be incomplete or corrupt, then backup file restoration process is stopped and it fails to add or restore any data to it or from it.



When any such backup BKF file gets damaged or corrupted, then you can no longer use it with the Windows 2000 OS version backup procedure. For making sure that your backup file integrity to be maintained, you can select the advanced option of "Verify Data after Backup" when while performing the backups.

Choosing this option will ensure that your machine's backup procedure completes successfully and also maintains integrity of your BKF files. For ensuring the backup procedures to complete without any errors, you need to also check the backup report. The backup operation always posts 2 event messages first in the Application Event log for every new backup operation, which are then followed by 2 more event messages for verifying the operation process later on.


Opt Quick Way to Repair & Restore Windows BKF Files

Here is a Windows BKF restore tool to help you repair Windows backup file if unfortunately you are encountering the above mentioned error message. This tool can successfully restore BKF data via its Windows backup file restore process and help you gain back your crucial and critical data even if the original files as well as the backup files are corrupted.